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We pride ourselves on using only the best and purest ingredients in our manufacturing processes. We only provide premium quality products, and don't cut any corners in our manufacturing processes. All our products have been 3rd Party Laboratory tested and verified, and are manufacturered in GMP Certified and FDA inspected facilities in the USA.

The Chaya story.

Exposure to Chaya. As we are in the Dietary Supplement business we have always had a keen interest to learn more about the capabilities of natural products. It just so happened that we learned of Chaya for the first time from one of our neighbours. He seriously suffered from some of the symptoms of Diabetes and battled to get it under control. After he had tried many medicines and alternatives and done a lot of research, he decided to import some Chaya trees. That in itself was quite a process. The results he obtained through consuming the leaves were remarkable.

Our investigation. As we did our own research, we came across many studies demonstrating the effectiveness and pointing out the potential of Chaya. We also came across some amazing testimonials from all over the world. We decided to experiment with leaf drying processes and started offering the product to other people who struggled to maintain stable blood sugar and had poor blood circulation. Although everyone did not achieve exactly the same results, during the two year period there were some really notable testimonials with almost everyone reported at least improved energy levels. (this process was of course not a formal clinical study) 

The product. We then started the process to get the product ready for sale in the USA and to ensure it would be FDA compliant. Because we have seen the positive impact Chaya has had on many of our customers, it is our mission to create awareness of this underexploited (but well researched) plant and get its products into the hands of the people who will benefit most from it. Please read more about Chaya and see some Research and Testimonials below.